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're trying to do is make sure that women who metabolize the medication slower than men don't take the medicine and get up in the morning and go get in a car. it's not uncommon to do this, but the recommendations are coming out now, many of the people practicing clinically have known this for years. >> if we do metabolize slower than men, what are some of the side effects for women who have taken too much for their body weight. >> it's a great medicine to induce sleep, but not a great medicine at keeping you at sleep. the general recommendations are that you take it for a two to six-week period. you really want to modify the behavior whatever is causing the insomnia, probably the first line of therapy. and you're using it to simply assist people in getting rest until you get to the bottom of what the real cause of their insomnia is. >> and from what i understand, part of this drug is that people who take it may not even know that they're drowsy. have you actually encountered patients with this type of problem and other problems related to ambien? >> it's a very common drug, a great
think she sent that? >> because i don't think she thinks she was raped. >> reporter: he would not show that or any other text. the teenaged girls attorney won't confirm any text message. >> this young girl was unconscious so she wouldn't have the ability to know whether she was raped or not on the day after or two days after, three, whatever the timing of that was. we also don't know and don't know whether the defendants were texting trying to coerce or talk people into making statements and trying to build up a defense for themselves after they started realizing this thing kind of unfolded. >> police say it unfolded like this. the alleged rape occurred during all-night partying august 11th. on august 14th at 1:40 in the morning the alleged victim's mom goes to police with the flash drive of tweets and internet postings, and police open an investigation. that same day, time unknow, the alleged text message is sent. there is testimony from a probable cause hearing last october from a player who was there at one of the parties that night, and he testified that your client, and you'll par
of myself. and i don't care if i ever see that son of a [ bleep ] again." that's powerful. >> strong words. what about his charity? any hope for livestrong to recover? >> it livestrong foundation is a wonderful foundation. there's great people associated with it. i'm sure it will go on. i'm sure it will be negatively affected no doubt about it. but i think that they'll ultimately land on their feet. i hope they do. >> dave shields, appreciate your time and expertise in this area, as well. thank you very much. >> any time. check out if you want to see more. >> will do. >>> new information from the government shows that the flu is now widespread in all but three states. and state totals show that dozens have died from complications this season including 20 children. the front line for the fight is really in doctors' offices and hospitals all across the nation, treating and diagnosing thousands of patients. than jones is at an urgent care in falls church, virginia. athena, i'm sure they've been busy there. what are they telling you? >> reporter: they have been busy. good morni
a visit to the clinic at the pentagon this week, and don't worry, not for a case of the flu, but the white house says a routine fit ness evaluation, and the results will be released by the end of the month. the president's last exam in 2011 found the long-time smoker toe b tobacco-free and consuming a healthy diet. >>> moving overseas, ousted president hosni mew bark ra has won a trial for murders. the retrial will be based on the same evidence, but this time, judges will consider mubarak's health. the 84-year-old recently broke his ribs in a fall. mubarak's trial, as you may recall drew the world's attention, because he was the first arab leader to p be jailed by his people, and because he appeared in court lying on a hospital bed and confined to a cage. >>> in an incident yearly similar to a deadly sexual assault that send shock waves worldwide, indian police say another indian woman has been gang raped on a bus. and there are six arrests including the bus driver, and this time the victim is talking about what happened to her. >> translator: they threat eped me with a sharp object and th
survivor, as a hero. they don't care that he doped. but there are sour that is say live strong has forced him into this confession. >> nobody will be able to forget -- he really went on the attack. >> yeah. >> when he was accused, he came out swinging. >> a lot of people think what he did in terms of bullying the people that accused him of this alleged doping was worse than the actual act itself. he would vilify people, and a lot of people are still angry about him. he filed counter lawsuits against the usada, the u.s. anti-doping agency. as well as a report from the times, he won a lot of money trying to defend his name and people are looking to get that money back. >> if he was doing it, if, you have to wonder why he went on the attack like that. and now this confession. >>> more on the deadly flu outbreak sweeping the country. so far this season 20 children have died. cdc reports that 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity. earlier, i spoke with jeffrey oiler of piedmont hospital here in atlanta about what he is seeing in his offices. >> we're seeing about 20% to 25% more pati
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5